How to Easily Invent a Creative Couple Costume

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So you like having fun at Halloween as much as the kids do, do you? Well you’re quite right. Just why should kids have all the fun? As Halloween approaches it’s always tricky to decide just what to dress up in to scare of all of the witches, wardens and evil spirits that are going to be around.

If you and your spouse have been invited to a Halloween party or are having a Halloween party of your own, why not figure out a creative couple costume? A couple costume is a great idea and let’s face it, once you both agree on a theme (possible the most challenging aspect of the whole thing!), there’s plenty of famous twosomes to choose from. Here’s a few examples: Shrek and Fiona, Mickey and Minnie, Andy and Jessie from Toy story 3, Peter Pan and Wendy. The list could go on and on. If you’re going for one do these couple costumes there are many fantastic companies you can buy from and hire form. There are many internet businesses with an awesome range of couple Halloween costumes for reasonable prices.

Now, you don’t have to go down the line of buying or hiring couples Halloween costumes, you can easily make form bits and pieces lying around at home, for example, Dracula and Bride of Dracula, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, Disney Princess and Prince, Fred & Wilma, Betty & Barney Rubble, Jack and Jill, and Romeo and Juliet: these are all popular couples on Halloween night as are cowboy and cowgirl themes, or medieval knight and lady. Now that really would be a creative couple costume!

Picking an era from history gives you plenty of couple costumes to choose from. Start with a time period that you are both drawn to, and work from there. If you both like jazz, for instance, maybe you want to create a jazz age costume. A flapper and her gun-toting gangster fella work great. Or go further back in time. Maybe you both like the medieval era? Be a couple of serfs, or a wench and peasant, or a king and queen. Other ideas could be Cleopatra and Anthony (or an Egyptian king like King Tut), Bonnie and Clyde, and King Arthur and Guinevere.

Couple Costumes from the Roarin' 20's, such as a zoot suit and flapper girl outfit are all popular choices. Don’t forget that television, film and magazines are a fantastic source of couple costumes if you’re really in need of inspiration...

Non-gender specific pairings can also be a great idea. Dress up as salt and pepper pots, coffee and donuts, monkey and banana or a knife and fork. Think of two things that go to together and you’re good to go!
Start early. Take the time to hit on a really creative couple costume. Even if they are home-made, Halloween costumes have an investment of time and effort and , as you very well know, can cost a great deal of money. It will be so worth it in the end when you find the perfect couple costume you both enjoy wearing. It will make it the best fun Halloween ever!

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Finding a creative couple costume is easier than you think! Get some awesome ideas and great deals now!

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How to Easily Invent a Creative Couple Costume

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This article was published on 2010/09/23