Perfect Gift Ideas For A Newlywed Couple

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You are attending the wedding of a close relative or friend but up to now, you still cannot decide what to give to the newlywed couple. The fact that you do not have time and energy to do any shopping doesn't help in your problem. The good news is that you do not have to stress yourself anymore about this. Below, you will find excellent suggestions for gift ideas that you can give to your relative or friend and his/her loved one.

Sash wooden windows

The couple just bought a new home and you know that it's still underway. Ring up the people closest to the couple to find out what are the things that they still need for the house. Chances are, they would still lack in windows, as these are some of the things that homeowners find so hard to decide on. That is where you come in. You can give sash windows as a gift. The best thing about this is that every time the couple would open the windows, they would remind them of you.

Windows are also symbolic because they represent the eyes of the home that would allow you to peer into the souls of the homeowners. Even though you do not have time to go shopping for this, you can easily buy them online. All you have to do is to search the web and enter a search phrase. You may include your location so that the results will be more accurate.

Moving picture frames

This gift idea exemplifies the tradition of giving photo frames but with an added modern touch. This is also an easy yet personalized type of gift that you can give to the couple. What you need to do is to go to the Facebook page of the couple or their prenuptial website and download their pictures from there. You can then transfer those pictures into a digital photo frame. The couple will be surprised at the efforts you went through to make this personalized gift, without them realizing that it only took you few minutes to get it finished.

Honeymoon trip

If money is no object for you and you really want to make the couple happy, shouldering the expenses for their honeymoon would be a wonderful gift idea. For this gift, you need to consult the couple what they want their honeymoon to be. If you want the gift to be a surprise, you just have to pretend that you are asking about it casually, like how everyone does. Then plan the trip using online travel websites. Book airfares, hotels, and activities for them to do. Just make sure they have not done any of these yet or else that will be a big waste of money and time.

Coming up with gift ideas for couples is not that hard especially if you know the couple well and if you are creative and resourceful.

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Perfect Gift Ideas For A Newlywed Couple

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This article was published on 2010/12/03