Stop Divorce and Keep Couples Together

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There are plenty of reasons that couples should really strive to stick together and help to stop divorce. The divorce rate as is happens to be a sad reminder of why relationships are failing and so is marriage. The institution of marriage is something that is so overly protected by the religious right that it makes it difficult for anyone who isn't straight heterosexual couples to actually get married. So what is happening that is making so many straight couples end up in divorce court?

One of the first factors that happens to be leading to this problem is the rate at which couples are getting married. There are plenty of couples out there that have only known each other for a short time and are already being pressured by parents, society or someone to go ahead and get married. Why is this? Why do we feel the need to pressure couples into the institution of marriage? Sometimes the case differs depending on age, pregnancy, several factors that tend to push couples together or spread them apart quickly.

What happens in these situations is an outcome of how society views relationships. This needs to be changed badly. We have to stop living in the past and realize that relationships are founded on a desire for two people to actually spend the rest of their lives together.

It isn't puppy love, or love based on pregnancy, or a desire to please ones family. It is an important choice and should be considered as such. We need to stop treating it as a fun past time or an event that naturally happens whenever we feel the need to do something.

Divorce is extremely damaging to the family unit. Especially if it happens to involve children or anyone other than the two parties involved. People tend to be selfish to an extent in a marriage. They don't really understand what the institution of marriage is actually and they regularly abuse its privileges and its benefits. It should be considered a great deal by both parties before agreeing to partake in the ceremony. Everyone has to realize that when a marriage ends and there is a family created they are then split. Children are unaware of what is actually happening most of the time.

It is important that marriage be held up on the pedestal that it deserves. If couples aren't ready to actually be wed then they need to consider other options before finalizing the process.

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Stop Divorce and Keep Couples Together

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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